Quotes About Responsibility

What quotes and sayings about responsibility can actually teach us? One of the most influential lessons I have learnt through my life was that I (and I only) am responsible for my well being and my circumstances. We humans have this bad habit of blaming everything and everybody else for our problems and challenges. However, the root for most of our difficulties lies within us. To recognize this means to accept full responsibility for the direction of own life. All my circumstances are just reflections of the decisions made in the past by - me. Let the quotes and sayings about responsibility tell the story.

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"Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life." Walter Anderson

"Big pay and little responsibility are circumstances seldom found together." Napoleon Hill

"It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities." Unknown author

"I am responsible." Walter Anderson

"The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves." William Shakespeare

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." Abraham Lincoln

"If it's never our fault, we can't take responsibility for it. If we can't take responsibility for it, we'll always be its victim." Richard Bach

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." George Bernard Shaw

"Go forward, go backward. Whatever it takes! But you can't blame other people or society in general. It all comes from your mind. When we do the impossible we realize we are special people." Jan Ashford

"Failure is nature's plan to prepare you for great responsibilities." Napoleon Hill

"Let us not underestimate the privileges of the mediocre. As one climbs higher, life becomes ever harder; the coldness increases, responsibility increases." Friedrich Nietzsche

"Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility." Louis Armstrong

"No man was ever endowed with a right without being at the same time saddled with a responsibility." Gerald W Johnson

"'I must do something' always solves more problems than 'Something must be done'." Unknown author

"Power without responsibility: the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages." Rudyard Kipling

"The price of greatness is responsibility." Winston Churchill

"There are always those who think they know what is your responsibility better than you do." Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders." Abigail Van Buren


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