Creating an Instant Positive Impact on Your Attitude

By: Davoraldo

There are different ways to make an instant positive impact on your personal attitude when negative thinking starts to evade your mind. It mostly depends on the individual and his preferences, but some of the methods can be really useful.

Success and achievements are closely related with our attitude. Positive attitude brings positive results. Negative attitude brings... guess what?! I can hardly imagine any success or accomplished goal without having a positive mental attitude. Some authors (e.g. Brian Tracy) designate this as the law of correspondence. The law says that results mostly correspond to the mental attitude of the individual. In other words, our outer world (consequences) is perfectly corresponding to our inner world (causes). Therefore, positive thinking should bring positive results, and negative thinking should create negative ones. If aiming at anything in your life, then we certainly need to cherish positive attitude most of the time.

How do we achieve this quickly and efficiently? There is no universal magic formula. I can only suggest a practice that helped me attain it. In my life, I have become aware that remembering short but positive, encouraging and mind provoking quotes and sayings can make quick and instant positive impact on my attitude. All I do is willfully replace negative thoughts that start to creep in with remembered positive and inspiring quotes from other people . This has a profound impact on my feelings and behavior.

It does require mental strength though and a bit of discipline, as negative thoughts are usually prompt and can quickly take over your thinking and feelings. When this occurs, you need to willfully put some mental effort and try and recall a positive quote you have remembered. When recalled, quote needs to be repeated and internalized by reflecting upon it for few moments. In such way, positive thoughts will start dominating your thinking and will fully replace negative thinking. You will feel good and energized again, ready to move forward.

Allow me to offer an example of this by using one of my favorite action quotes. Whenever I am in a situation I need to make a quick and important decision, and then fear and uncertainty begin to evade my mind, I deliberately start to remember and repeat the following line by Dale Carnegie:

"The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore."

Suddenly I become convinced that I ought to be courageous and act accordingly if goal is to be achieved. Fear, doubt and uncertainty will never get me anywhere. This encouraging thinking pattern usually replaces all of the negative concerns. I am then prepared to act.

This principle can be applied to any area of life. Just find and remember the quote that will mirror the attitude you want to have when specific situation arise. You will then be equipped to impact your thoughts and direct your course of action in a positive way. Hence, you can regard quotes and sayings as your assistants.

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