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Don't you love quotes? I just love them! Any quotes: inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, quotes about love, quotes about life... I read them quite a lot. Almost every day. Also, I do try to memorize some of them, as they can be a helper in odd life situations. Some of the best quotes found their place in my office, home or even a wallet. This way I am constantly reminded of the powerful messages that can bring me up if I'm down, or motivate me to press forward. My enthusiasm for quotes culminated in setting up this website for my own personal collection. Isn't that great?!

"A proverb is a horse which can carry one swiftly to the discovery of the ideas." Yoruba proverb

Because proverbs and quotes have such a profound impact on our lives, there are many things written about them: how they influence us, how we can use them, remember them, learn from them...

Below you will find a list of articles and texts, mostly about the importance of quotes and sayings. Some of them were written by me, some by other authors (all are fully referenced at the end of the article). If you truly love quotes, then you will find this section interesting and compelling.


Creating an Instant Positive Impact on Your Attitude

By: Davoraldo

There are different ways to make an instant positive impact on your personal attitude when negative thinking starts to evade your mind. It mostly depends on the individual and his preferences, but some of the methods can be really...

The Popularity of Quotes and Sayings

By: Davoraldo

People from all over the world and all walks of life enjoy reading quotes. There are multitude of websites and other online resources with quotes and sayings. I do not remember reading a book that did not contain at least one quote from famous author. In most presentations...

Quotes and Sayings Are Great Motivators

By: Davoraldo

Famous people have their mottos and great companies have their slogans (e.g. "Just Do It" by Nike). All of them attempt to embed their life philosophy, fundamental beliefs and directions into one simple sentence. Why people do that? ...

Becoming a Leader With Leadership Quotes

By: Davoraldo

I like the definition of leadership by Reverend Michael D. Noonan at Wikipedia. It says that leadership is "ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen." In my opinion, this is the essence...

6 Reasons Why You Should Read Quotes and Sayings on a Regular Basis

By: Davoraldo

Among all quotes, inspirational are my favourites. I'd like to provide you with 5 strong reasons why you should read them too. Here they are: (1) Inspirational quotes can give you power to cope with difficult times in your life. There are some moments in everyone's life where things...

Relevance of Success Quotes in Life

By: Victor Ghebre

Success for some is an abstract term and to others an extremely definite and tangible concept. For some people, success remains something elusive, fluttering just within armís length, but never close enough for them to grab. For a few others, success is a way of life, an attitude with which they

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